March 18th, 2008

09 Yamaha

Over the past few seasons, it seems Yamaha has been re-inventing the wheel each season with the introduction of the Apex, and then the Phazer, and then, if that wasn’t enough the Nytro. The 09 season comes with no big new name head liners, however they have taken the opportunity to fine tune their amazing line!

Apex Mountain

With its high-torque Genesis® 150FI engine and high-flotation,16-inchwide Camoplast®
Maverick™ track, the Apex® MTX is a hill-climbing, powder-playing son-of-a-gun.
New lightweight mountain rack lets you pack extras for the ride.150
computer-controlled horses power 2,592 square inches of traction in deep snow.
Computerized electronic fuel injection reads barometric pressure and ambient
temperature. Instantaneously. No jets to change. No guess work. Just
constant-on Genesis 150 EFI four-stroke power delivered to a deep-lugged
mountain-specific track. 162-inches in length. 16-inches wide. Spinning around
a snow-efficient Pro Mountain suspension.Wide running boards. High, wide rider
friendly bars with flexible strap. Bank into the mountain. Get on plane. Quick.
Consistent, broad-range four-stroke torque for tip-toeing around blow holes and
smooth delivery for injector-open rushes to a high mark. Deep powder meets its
match as you ramp up for virgin snows. Power. Traction. Lightweight
construction. Mountain ergonomics. Apex Mountain sets the standard for serious
powder hounds who want to get higher and go longer.

FX Nytro MTX

If you want a lightweight and versatile mountain sled for powder carving, hill climbing,
boon-docking and adventure riding this is it.Light, powerful and nimble with a
quick-revving, high-torque, fuel-injected engine, the FX Nytro® MTX rocks the
mountain! The FX Nytro MTX is so light, nimble and responsive you may just want
to take an extra lap through the trees before you go play on the hill. With its
sport rider-forward ergonomics, centralized mass, awesome ground clearance and
Camoplast Maverick 15x153x2.25-inch track, this may be the best all-around
mountain sled ever made. The new Genesis 130FI engine’s advanced fuel injection
system keeps the FX Nytro MTX perfectly dialed in at all elevations, delivering
awesome powder-churning torque on demand to squirt through the trees or charge
up a tight draw. The next-generation FX chassis construction, with its CF die
cast components, innovative composite upper frame and beveled tunnel is ultra
lightweight, yet strong and rigid enough to handle harsh mountain terrain. The
lightweight and nimble FX Nytro MTX is the all-around mountain sled you’ll want
to take all around the mountain.

Phazer MTX

Ultra-light, super-nimble and always up for a good time, the Phazer MTX is all about
carefree fun. The low-maintenance, fuel-injected Genesis 80FI engine cranks out just the right power to match the flyweight sled’s 14x144x2-inch Camoplast Maverick track. The Phazer MTX is
loaded with mountain sled essentials like tall bars with the center strap, snow-evacuating running board grippers and a sporty new windscreen. It uses Yamaha’s high-flotation winged powder skis and Pro Mountain 144 rear suspension to get you up and over the snow quickly. Whether you like to go out and carve the powder, slip your way through the trees or challenge your hill skills, the Phazer MTX is ready for fun.