November 3rd, 2009

1st day of the season

Regular maintenance is key especially on first day missions.  We almost made it to our regular early season zone when I get flagged down by buddy Scott revealing to us we are missing a very important part of our two place trailer… the tire.  With no tools to do anything about it, we continue on the snow covered road until we reach our unload zone only a few kilometers away.  We unload and begin to gain elevation.  Before we know it, we are looking at just over a meter of snow that is setting up very well.  With no base to speak of, this dense snow pack is something none of us had witnessed in years.  I don’t want to jump the gun, but we the word “perfect” got chucked around a little.  Foot penetration did not reach ground, or even close, and above 6000′ there was no crust.  
“Long story short” you could do donuts and not worry about kickin’ up dirt.  
And “yes” for all the skeptics out there, we were in a nice safe area we have recon’d in the summer with no rocks!
So back to the trailer…
At days end, we were all smiling and laughing and arrived back to the truck.  “No what?” I was wondering.  I hid a sled in the woods, and we loaded one in the truck box, and headed out.  “What else!”
Other then that one little twist in the plan it was a perfect first day!
Today on the other hand was not.  After driving the 100kmish back to the hidden sled and broken trailer, with tools, I tried pulling the wheel off.  One nut, two nut, three nut, almost 4….
Pressed lug nut posts are garbage!  I spun the post and had nothing to cut it off with so… you guess it!
I towed it 60km out to the highway where it sits with one madly mangled wheel!
But at least I have the sleds at home safe, warm, and dry.
Enjoy the video!
Click here to see the VIDEO!!