March 9th, 2009

2010 Ski-doo line up

The XP Chassis has come with great success for Doo over the past few seasons.  Really ever since the industry changing REV platform the rest of the manufacturers have been playing catch up.  “Bold New Colors” doesn’t sound like much of a change, but Doo doesn’t like to boost the small things.  Year have year the XP chassis has been changing.  Beefier brackets, stronger mounts, minor suspension changes, the list goes on and on.  The 09 machines were subtly different from its predecessor, but as far as the industry was concerned, “nothing changed…”.  Well similarly the changes are as subtle again, but all for the better.  Owning a rental company I see first hand how each model of XP is drastically stronger, and how any imperfections evolve and change.  Have a look at some of the 2010 machines, I look forward to checking out the subtle changes!!
Have a look at the Ski-doo webpage HERE!