2010 Yamaha | Mountain Sledder
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Mountain Sledder | October 21, 2018

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2010 Yamaha | Mountain Sledder

2010 Yamaha

So here’s the deal everyone, Yamaha has taken rider feedback and made a few changes!  They decreased the attack angle to help with traction in deep snow and worked with Camoplast to develop a new track!  They went to a full ‘air’ suspension front to back with FOX Float II’s all around.  Of course we all know Yam is known for having a bit of a weight issue, but again they listened, after watching the end of the video, you can do the math but the new Nytro is going to be well over 20 pounds lighter then it’s 09 counterpart!  Yamaha has definitely stepped it up for 2010!  Take them into consideration when you look into your next machine!

Check out the Nytro Video HERE! 
Check Yamaha’s entire 2010 line HERE! 


Ryan says:

Man they look sweeet but the blue is gettin kinda old

GSR Store says:

haha, it does seem like it. But Yam is blue in nature…

Sean McCaig says:

they must have put to many 0’s in there original blue hood order, 3 years later they still have the same color scheme

RJ says:

dang they look hot!!

GSR Store says:

Love them!