March 6th, 2010

2011 Arctic Cats

Good hype around the 2011 Kitties as they meow their way into the media.  No new highly anticipated chassis change, but why change a good thing?  I love how the haters hate, and yet the lovers can’t say enough good things!  This chassis is old, but it totally slays it, and rides so well.  You think if this chassis was impossible to ride Burandt would have slayed it so sweetly on it???  
They are still boasting most HP in it’s class, and there is never enough good things said about the M1000.  As far as raw meat goes, this thing is the meatiest!  Cat is not new to the fuel injected world, and seem to have their system dialed.  The new motor had great feedback from 2010 so look out, Cat is still at bat!