January 16th, 2011

2011 Ski-Doo Clutch and Belt Adjustment

Here’s a quick video from Dave Norona on how to adjust the 2011 Ski-Doo E-TEC secondary belt deflection tool.  Dave shows how the ridges of the belt line up with the rim of the secondary sheave, but it is also important the belts tension on the primary clutch.  By taking the slack out of the belt you should have between 1/8” to 3/8” gap between the primary shaft and the belt.
To loosen your belt you tighten your secondary tool, and visa versa to tighten it.  Simple as pie.  I find it easiest to unweight the back of the sled when setting belt deflection (tension) to get best results.
TRA clutches should be serviced every 1500 – 2000 km.  Usually rollers and slider shoes will need to be replaced.  They average $40 CDN per roller (3 of them needed).  Slider shoes are cheap.  If you wait for 3000 km before servicing you WILL need rollers (x3), slider shoes (x6), o-rings (x6), ramps (x3), and usually a sliding half bushing….
A little $$ saves you BIG $$$ in the long run.  Always keep a close eye on your belts!  Replace it before it shreds in your clutches.  The chances of taking out your PTO seal is high with a bad belt blow.  This leads to debris in your PTO bearings and eventually grenades your crank… YIKES!!