November 30th, 2011

2012 M8 SnoPro Tested

Well here’s the word!  
So easy to ride!  I mean really… I was super impressed.  We forced it on a few people out there the other day and one guy said it best with “intuition steering”.  As in you think where you want to go and it’ll just happen… just don’t look at trees! haha
Now as for power.  This was interesting!  We had a nytro, XP, Polaris, and the M8.  To be honest they all had different feels.  The nytro just has so much torque!  For just bombing around it has the edge.  The XP has crazy smooth power but didn’t have that kick it use to have when it was carborated with that raw powerband feel.  The Polaris was smooth and consistent, but you could tell didn’t quite have the power the M8 and XP had.  Although the M8 is fuel injected it seemed to have a less linear power curve then the XP ETEC.  It seemed to be progressive and had a carb. like feel.  All in all I think it was a great first ride.  It really was super easy to ride!  Nice work Arctic Cat!!
Oh, on a negitive note the fuel gauge is WACK!!  You really have to be on flat ground to get an accurate reading!  Anytime you head up hill it reads empty!