August 20th, 2015

2015 Sled Film Teasers

The 2015 sled film teasers from the big production companies are out now, and they’ve left us dying to see the full-length films. For that we’ll have to wait a little while longer, but in the meantime, here they are all in one place to satisfy your cold weather cravings.

From what we can tell, it looks like the filmmakers have really upped the production value of their offerings this year with some pretty slick looking cuts.

And it doesn’t take long to see that they athletes have continued to push the boundaries of what is possible on a sled, despite poor conditions throughout most of the continent last season.

So sit back and take a little time out of your day to enjoy a taste of some of last winter’s top-shelf mountain sledding action.

– MS


2015 Sled Films

509 Volume 10 – August 19, 2015


Slednecks 18 – August 13, 2015


BRAAAP 15 RISE – August 7, 2015


Boondockers 12 – July 11


FOLLOWCAM 6 – July 10


Thunderstruck 14 – July 3, 2015