August 14th, 2016

2015 Sledder Mag Film Awards: The Winners

Here they are—The 2015 Sledder Mag Film Awards Winners! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2016!




Best Film – 509 Volume 10
Nobody had the shots, editing, storyline, audio and production value that 509 came to the table with this year, which makes it the easy choice for Best Film. The crew wasn’t afraid to take chances with their format and the riders put on an A+ level show. This is the one to see this year.




Morgan Gamache in Braaap Films.


Best Air – Morgan Gamache in Braaap 15

Morgan Gamache stomps an absolutely nasty whip with such dominance in Braaap’s Rise that we couldn’t give this award to anyone else. This air demonstrates what it means to be a boss and shows the flavour we want to see in the world.





Jay Mentaberry whipping it out for the camera.


Best Segment – Jay Mentaberry in 509 Volume 10

Rider Jay Mentaberry, filmer Stephen Clark and editor Mike Reeve put on a clinic on how to make snowmobiling look fun. Jay proves he’s a dominant all-rounder as he dangles, flies, pins it, and whips, all to crisp photography utilizing multiple frame rates and perfect editing. Bravo.



Rookie of the Year Riley Suhan going big for filmer Michael Reeve in 509's Volume 10.

Rookie of the Year Riley Suhan going big for filmer Michael Reeve in 509’s Volume 10.


Rookie of the Year – Riley Suhan
Riley Suhan, from Golden BC, debuted this fall with an outstanding performance in the second segment in Volume 10. Clearly this 22 year-old is here to stay as he commands his sled to perform as he chooses. He’s not afraid to innovate either, which makes him one to watch in the future.


Honorable Mentions
Sorry we didn’t have space for everything. Here’s a few that caught our eye too:

Best PowBoondockers 12
Most Innovative – Reagan Sieg – sidewall bounce air – Trax
Best Female – Nadine Overwater – Volume 10
Best Hill Climb – Jeff Rosner – Thunderstruck 14
Most Improved – HickShow Productions – FollowCam6


– MS