September 30th, 2008

50 Yeah Aniversary DOO

I’m sure most of you have seen photos of the 50-year
anniversary Summit before, but for those who havn’t, I think they are worth a
look.  This thing brings a new
meaning to the word “CLEAN”.  The
logos are simpler then the average ‘Doo’ and not to state the obvious but the
back tunnel is something they should bring out on a more regular basis.  I know I say this about a lot of
things, and I think being a male it is only right to think this way… but “I
WANT ONE”.    There were
limited XP50’s made, so if you don’t have your name on one by now, you are not
getting one.  Just to be difficult
I’d love to see one of these bad boys with black panels, ski handles seat, hood
and dash!  Who has the photoshop

We’ll send a set of SLEDSHOT.COM decals to the person who
has the most badass version and post your creation on our NEWS page!

up for a little competition!