December 3rd, 2011

Alcaro Plastics

I was oritinally introduced to Mountain Addiction a few years back while riding skidoos and wanted a gas rack alternative to the Doo Tanks with all bra strap… There aren’t many options out there becasue of the coolers on the tunnel so these tanks looked like the go to option!
I’ve had them for years now on Doos, Nytros and now on Cats as well and they are a tuff practical way to carry fuel.  Not to mention they now have an option to carry gear and supplies as well!  
They come in several fuel size options along with gear storage options to boot!  Check them out! 
Someone asked me the other day if I have ever seen them fly off.  I had to reply yes… I saw two fly off one day when a sled rolled off the trail into a boulder field (in the spring with no snow) and the tunnel caved in and the jugs popped off… so technically “Yes” I have seen them come off… hahahaha.  Other then that… no I have not!!  Check them out.  I bet you dig them!!