November 8th, 2008

Almost go time!

Hey everyone hope you are all praying to the snow gods right now. Lets bring on the snow. I’m definitely getting stoked!  i always seem to have a good winter, but last season wasn’t the greatest for me as i had a lots of sled problems and missed out on some good days of riding. At the end of the season i was approached by ‘‘ because they apparently had a new sled design made of chromoly tubing. The owner of the company asked me if i would be interested in testing his new chassis for him.  In his words he told me “I want you to try and break this sled!”  At the time my current sled was basically destroyed so after not much thought i said no problem haha. To cut the story short the sled worked out amazing apparently chromoly steel is a lot stronger than aluminum.  So for this season i signed on with yamaha and forty1thirty to build a nytro tube chassis which turned out amazing. My current sponsors this season are Yamaha,, hmk, foxracing shox, bulldog sled decks, ice age manufactureing, and cfr snowmobile racks. Definately more stoked to ride than i have been in a while. I have also been getting a lot of photos published lately! Check out the new Sled Heads Magazine, there are a couple of pics of me riding, and a couple that i took of Dan Treadway that turned out awesome.  They are also  useing a bunch of my pics for there upcoming magazine in january for an article about Cody Borchers.Check out the new Frontier Films movie Aaron stepped it up and the movie kicks ass!  I especially liked Treadways section, that goof should stick to skiing haha.  I will also be offering a guide service this winter, but for advanced riders preferably and i have a high end still camera to capture the action also anyone interested email me at