April 3rd, 2008

Amazing Conditions in April!!

This time of year I can’t help once in a while feeling like I should be
breaking out the golf clubs (i don’t golf) and putting the sled away.
Then I go riding and it totally wipes those thoughts out of my head.

Usually by this time of year you can wear a T shirt in town (Golden) during the sunny days of late March and April. Not this season. We had a week of nice spring weather back in mid March and since then it has been nippy in town and colder, winter conditions in the mountains. It has been snowing a little bit very consistantly.

I went to a zone last week and again a few days later and my tracks were gone, even though there was no precipitation in town the peaks are getting some! I love that!

Most of these photos are from April 2nd. A group of us went out on an FXR outerwear photo shoot to an area south of town. The snow was light and dry, deep enough to throw the machine on it’s side, but dense enough to climb almost everywhere. A great combination in my mind. We had a great, productive day with the sunny skies and extra gas.

While I look forward to the warmth of summer, it is still snowing up high, there is no sign of melting yet and trails are still in great shape… So go check it out for yourself! You don’t even have to ride any dirt yet!