December 1st, 2008

Another day in Paradise

Up until yesterday I was going for short afternoon rips to build some muscles before heading out on a big day.  Well that day came fast and I’m sooooooooore.  I think I could have strained just about everything but I’m still smiling BIG!  Got the low down on the B-road yesterday too.  Parking at the 50km mark.  Dirt rode after that until he Hope turn off.  Temporary wood gate with notice until permanent gate is installed sometime in the next few weeks.  
We parked at the 50km mark and rode on dirt for 5 km to the hope turn off.  From there we had plenty of snow but it was a long 5 km on the dirt…
One guy in our crew melted his sliders to his track…  No fun.
Once in the mountains there was a bit of snow (around 3 – 4 feet).  We just stayed in the trees all day because it was socked in pretty hard.  Got some necessary ‘tech’ skills back throwing the machine from one side to the other going up the gullies in the trees.
Great day!