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Mountain Sledder | June 25, 2018

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Ski-Doo Offers Avalanche Seminars

October 4, 2016 |

Safety should be at the top of everyone’s ‘to do’ list when making plans to sled in avalanche terrain; BRP is making it easier by providing seminars across Canada and the United states. Ski Doo is taking the initiative to promote avalanche safety awareness in Canada with 23 seminars led … Read More

License to Thrill: Avalanches and the solution

October 3, 2016 |

Words by Colin Wallace Why are we still seeing incidents involving under-informed and underequipped snowmobile avalanche victims? Is it time to regulate who can buy a mountain sled? We do it with trucks, we do it boats, we do it with guns, why shouldn’t we do it with sleds? None … Read More

Night Rider: Suns gone, lights on.

September 30, 2016 |

Rider: Jeremy Hanke, Revelstoke, BC Photo: Alain Sleigher Sleds come stock with headlights right? What are headlights for? Lighting up the darkness. Even when the sun departs, more riding can go down. As sledding style grows and re-invents itself every season, the filmer and photographer follow with their own style … Read More

Springtime Snowmobile Glacier Camping via Steel Powder Ponies

September 22, 2016 |

When you’re selecting gear to spend the night—especially for glacier camping, where everything is cold and wet—there are two rules to follow: cotton kills and light is right.Read More

SledGolden Clean Up

September 18, 2016 |

When the snow disappears, the garbage doesn’t. In fact, it stays exactly where you left it. Until someone else picks it up. The logistics for collecting trash left in sledding zones are a nightmare and are expensive. Not to single anyone out (I actually am), but the 2015/2016 “Huge Loser … Read More

Gear Review: CFR iRack

April 1, 2016 |

For some of us, sledding started as a way to escape the hustle and bustle of ski hills and feel the freedom of backcountry snowboarding by way of untouched powder in places that only a sled could access. Heli-boarding is too structured, cat-boarding is too slow and both are too … Read More

The Brian Lavoie Interview

March 24, 2016 | 1

Brian Lavoie is easily one of the most interesting, intelligent and eccentric people in Golden, BC. From the hempcrete Earthship in Goonieland to his successful entrepreneurial venture, Knight Rider snowmobile racks: when Brian talks, people listen. He is matched by his fiancée Nicole ‘Betty’ DuVent and her successful business: Eat Pure … Read More

A Trip to Kimberley, BC

February 10, 2016 |

The riding around Kimberley is tech. Tight, steep trees with lots of gullies and creeks to test anyone’s machine and ability. There aren’t any groomed trails or warm up cabins so come fully prepared with a few basic tools, tow rope, warm clothes and lots of food and water because you will be on your own. Kimberley is famous for dry, deep powder and we weren’t disappointed when we arrived.Read More

Holidays: Bug Humbah

December 28, 2015 |

Or Bah Humbug, whatever, the best part of the holidays is the Canadian Tire catalogue. Drive down to the ‘Tire and pick yourself up an axe (on sale of course, %70 off duh) and chop down your neighbours tree in their front yard. Not the nice hibiscus that prevents them … Read More

Poaching a National Park will get your Pee-Pee slapped by C-Dub

December 12, 2015 | 2

Poaching a park on your snowmobile will not be tolerated and if caught you will be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Here’s what to expect when you get busted:

$25,000 fine

$250,000 fine and jail time for second offenceRead More