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Do you carry a gun?

Gun ownership and the provisions to carry them have always been touchy subjects. But why do some sledders feel the need to carry a gun in the backcountry?

Everyone’s an Expert: The Mountain Caribou Conundrum

A recent Facebook post by the Conservation Officer Service of British Columbia has raised some interesting questions about Mountain Caribou conservation efforts in BC. There are certainly some facts regarding the decline…

Alberta Snowmobile and Powersports Show Recap

It was big. It was shiny. It was the Alberta Snowmobile and Powersports Show (ASPS) in Edmonton in all its glory.   The 2016 trade show was much like those of years…

I Survived a Big Avalanche While Snowmobiling Video – What Happened?

A video called "I survived a big Avalanche..." shows a mountain sledder trigger—and survive—a large avalanche in the Gorman Lake snowmobile area.

TGFG W2014/2015 Slideshow

TGFG. You might recognize Tim Grey’s name from the Mountain Sledder Magazine masthead, right underneath where it says ‘Editor-in-Chief’. But what you probably don’t realize is that he spends more time in the backcountry than any…

Best Start To Winter… Ever?

Is this the best start to winter, ever? Of all time, probably not. The earth has been around for a really long time. And there was that whole Ice Age thing that…

509 Freeride Glove Test — Good for crackin’ beers and digging out stuck guys

The tacky grip of the full-grain leather palms on the wheel made me feel like the “F” in “F-150” should stand for Ferrari. Time to start combing over my hair and wearing…

How to Get Better Sledding Shots

Capturing great snowmobiling images isn't easy. To help you come home with some bangers this winter, here are some tips on how to get better sledding shots.