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Video: Avalanche engulfs Everest Base Camp

The footage is a scary reminder that things can go tragically wrong in an instant in the mountains, whether you're skiing, climbing or sledding

Tailgate Alaska 2015

Tailgate Alaska has come and gone, and it looks like there were some epic conditions to be had when the sky did finally crack open.

VIDEO: Ronnie Renner Timbersled Shred with Reagan Sieg

Ronnie was totally stoked to explore the possibilities with the Timbersled and the amount of freeriding terrain the snow covered backcountry has to offer. For me it was really fun to show…

Brodie Evans edit

Brodie Evans sent us this quick GoPro edit of a handful of his air this season. Can’t wait to see them from another angle! And yes, that is a person way down…

Avalanche Burial Video at Blue Lake, BC

This avalanche burial video shows a sledder become completely buried on a deep snow day at Blue Lake, a riding zone near Sicamous, BC.

FXR Ranger and the Mono Suit Debate

There aren’t too many riders willing to toss convention to the wind and rock a mono, so those that do tend to stand out from the crowd. Were they dropped as babies?…

Video: StuntFreaksTeam Flying Snowmobile Off Mountain

The Stunt Freaks Team are back their hardcore stunt shenanigans again, this time launching a flying snowmobile off a mountain in Sweden.

Brad Johnson Interview

On February 4th 2012 I was filming in Hatchers Pass, AK getting footage to market myself to production companies, when I jumped off a rock cliff landing so hard that I broke…

Russian Candidate for the Darwin Awards

Here's the latest candidate for the Russian Darwin Awards...

Keith Curtis Interview

Keith Curtis is kind of like the Tiger Woods of hillclimb racing, minus all the scandal. Like Tiger, he has dominated his respective sport at a young age, earning over 140 1st place finishes, 51…