January 13th, 2011

Avalanche Chat

As our sport grows each year our zones become busier and busier.  With this trend begins a level of risk many of us haven’t seen in the past.  Being out in the backcountry is what many of us were looking for when taking up snowmobiling whether it was to gain access for skiing, or simply to play on one of the coolest toys in the world, in one of the worlds biggest play grounds.  Either way more and more of us are out there these days and we no longer only have to take our own actions into account.  Keeping an eye on everything around us both natural and human is essential.  With people zooming around all over the place these days some search for fresh snow in the trickiest of places… start zones.
Avalanche paths are made up of “Start Zones”, “Tracks”, and “Run Out Zones” all of which have their associated dangers.  
When there are so many people out there sometimes it is very difficult to keep track of where people are here lies the danger.  
Slide paths are not always definitive and in times like next week many paths will be awoken from their dormant states.  NEVER be afraid to tell someone these are putting others in danger, and NEVER turn a blind eye.  
These are things “old school” sledders do.  “New School” sledders need to take a stand and protect each other and our sport and get the word out there that safety is more important then getting rad.  There is a time and a place for us to get rad but conditions MUST allow it.
Make sure to keep up on your current Avalanche Bulletins wherever you are, and when it reads HIGH HIGH HIGH, stay in the low angle trees.  
Ride hard, ride safe, and come home to brag about it!!  
Enjoy the crazy amounts of snow we are about to get!!! YEEHAAAA