Avalanche Training

There’s no better time to take an avalanche training course than now! Here is a listing of the most active, snowmobile-specific avalanche training course providers in Canada. These providers are based out of various locales throughout BC and AB, and several of them provide classroom sessions as far east as MB. They are listed alphabetically.


Avalanche Course Providers Canada


Avalanche Training Course Providers in Canada


Elk Valley Snow Shepherds

Go farther! Elk Valley Snow Shepherds Guides and Avalanche Instructors will show you the best of Fernie, BC and how to make educated decisions about sledding in backcountry terrain.

Location: Fernie, BC (with classroom sessions across BC, AB, SK, and MB)

Courses: AST 1, AST 2, Companion Rescue, Managing Avalanche Terrain

Website: www.elkvalleysnowshepherds.com

Contact: Nicole / info@elkvalleysnowshepherds.com / 250-531-0703


Avalanche Training Course Providers in Canada


Frozen Pirate Snow Services

Specializing in small group avalanche safety training and guide services. Taught by sledders for sledders.  We can customize a course that meets your needs and busy schedule.

Location: Valemount, BC

Courses: AST, AST2, Companion Rescue, Managing Avalanche Terrain

Website: www.frozenpirate.com

Contact: Curtis / info@frozenpirate.com / 250-566-9950


Avalanche Training Course Providers in Canada


Hangfire Avalanche Training

Since 2009 Hangfire Training has been teaching Avalanche Skills Training (AST) courses that are for sledders, by sledders.

Location: Golden, Revelstoke, McBride (with fall AST 1 class courses offered throughout AB and SK)

Courses: AST 1, AST 2, Companion Rescue

Website: www.hangfiretraining.com

Contact: Ryan / course@hangfiretraining.com / 250-344-0399


Avalanche Training Course Providers in Canada


Soul Rides Avalanche Education and Consulting

Soul Rides offers hands-on, in-field, small-group classes to meet your schedule and skill level. Our classes are interactive, entertaining and mobile to ensure you have the exclusive Soul Rides experience.

Location: Primarily Revelstoke but we have a mobile training facility that enables us to teach wherever.

Courses: AST1, AST2

Website: www.soulrides.ca

Contact: Jeremy / info@soulrides.ca


Avalanche Training Course Providers in Canada


Trigger Point Snow Services

Our instructor group is the most highly accredited in the business! We hope to share some of what we have learned with you and learn from YOUR experiences!

Location: Courses offered throughout BC & AB. We will come to you!

Courses: AST 1, AST 2, Managing Avalanche Terrain, Companion Rescue

Website: www.trigger-point.ca

Contact: Amber / info@trigger-point.ca / 250-814-7210


Avalanche Training Course Providers in Canada


ZacsTracs Avalanche Skills Training

ZacsTracs has been delivering sled-specific AST 1 Classes Since 1999. Our goals for our students; that every trip is a repeatable experience.

Location: Western Canada and Northern US

Courses:  AST 1, AST 2, ZACS 1.5, Indoor and Outdoor Rescue Workshops

Website:  www.zacstracs.com

Contact: Lori / lori@zacstracs.com / 403-850-3042


Avalanche Training Providers