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Mountain Sledder | November 13, 2018

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Avalanche | Mountain Sledder


A sled triggered slide was initiated today by a
side hill well above the area Dave was riding in.  He was playing on a
small feature when he was hit from behind by what he thought was another sled.
 As the light disappeared he knew he was in for a ride.  As he came to a halt he was able to
move his forearm enough to dig his face out to take his first, much needed
breath of fresh air!
Once he was able to move his head enough to look forward, he saw two other
sledders that hadn’t yet moved to help rescue.  He signaled to them with no avail.  He was then able to dig the rest of his buried body out of
the snow and initiated his primary search for anyone else that may have been
Luckily no one else was and with help from
another group was able to dig his sled out.
Guys!  If you see a slide happen,
take action!  Assign one person to
watch for hangfire and another get in there to aid in the rescue. 
Commenting afterward that “Hey, you went for a hell of a ride there huh?” doesn’t
save lives.
Dave was a very educated rider with tons of
Slide was on a South West facing slope and slid
over 300m wide and 700m in distance.  This is no joke.  Be
careful, get educated.
Hangfire Avalanche Training
Zacs Tracs

Thanks dave for the photos.  I’m glad luck was on your side!!  


M9onNOS says:

Very good point shralp but would you sit there when another rider is buried?!?!

shralp says:

Good take home message for sure that you can’t rely on people that aren’t in your party. But have to ask the question…how much do you guys trust the people you ride with to pull their shit together when it all hits the fan? I know I have gotten pickier with who my partners are with age, or I have chosen lower risk terrain. For sure the guys who didn’t help out are idiots….but where were Dave’s partners out of curiosity. That is what I would be more concerned about if I were the one under the snow waiting for someone to find me.

LID says:

most guys have it, but there’s tons who couldn’t use it efficiently in a stressful situation. Some guys have SOS or Pieps and only know how to turn them on.

Kevin says:

I would have to agree. In my opinion it is rare to see some one without a beacon, shovel and probe.

Aaron Bernasconi says:

Easy there Swayz! I have to say, most guys are rockin gear these days! It has changed a ton in the past two years!

SwayZ SwayZ says:

Unbelieveable. They probably didn’t have avy gear to come help with… like most necks out there. Glad you’re OK Dave!

RJ says:

it was Dave Burns. not to be confused with Dave Best!

M9onNOS says:

I just can’t believe that anyone could be that STUPID!!! A fellow rider is buried in an AVY and you just sit there?!? These guys need to be SMACKED!!

LID says:

which Dave was it? It’s true there are so many people out there that have no clue about the backcountry. That’s part of the reason I took my g/f to the Zac’s Tracs avvy course. These bums enjoy their new sled, and probably enjoy it more on the back of their truck as they drive around the city. Probably the same knobs who left all their garbage in the cabin at Quartz on Sunday. A little extra weight in their pack may have warmed them up a bit on the way out.

Garry Taylor says:

whoa, this situation is what nightmares of made of. seriously. super scary stuff that attacks out of nowhere. very glad to hear that no was seriously harmed overall. So true a_run, and sorry to sound vulgar, but some ppl are just stunned c@#nt$ and need to be informed/trained about "taking action" when sh1t does hit the fan. Another reason to pump shops that utilize practical field training exercises when doing avy courses.

Chris Granter says:

You’re right a_run, I think part of the take home message for me is that we need to be aware of the growing # of visitors that don’t have a gd clue. As #’s increase through out the season we should all consider adding this factor into our decision making. I know I’ll be going with the ‘don’t recognize them =’s they know nothing’ mind set from now on. Can anyone tell me how deep the crown was? Happy you’re good dave!

RJ says:

true dat a_run.. some people need to know it’s not a ride at disneyland out there

Sean McCaig says:

there needs to be a bouncer at every trail head, those wastes of skin need to be thrown out. damn dave, that was close

shralp says:

Dang that is a close call. Glad to hear everyone is ok!

Aaron Bernasconi says:

I think the problem is simply ignorance. I mean, they didn’t realize the severity of the situation. As more and more people are in the backcountry there are going to be more and more people out there that don’t have a sweet clue how dangerous it really is…

Kevin says:

It’s good to hear that Dave was OK. It’s one thing to not help a guy that’s stuck, but to not help a guy that has just been buried in an avalanche is just retardness. He could have been seriously hurt and they just sat back and watched. I wouldn’t wish harm upon anyone, but Karma’s a bitch.

RJ says:

i wanna punch those useless sledders who just sat there and did nothing in the nuts!

peakz says:

that slope is a frequent performer. I’ve seen it slide more than once. Glad you’re ok Dave.