December 15th, 2008


A sled triggered slide was initiated today by a
side hill well above the area Dave was riding in.  He was playing on a
small feature when he was hit from behind by what he thought was another sled.
 As the light disappeared he knew he was in for a ride.  As he came to a halt he was able to
move his forearm enough to dig his face out to take his first, much needed
breath of fresh air!
Once he was able to move his head enough to look forward, he saw two other
sledders that hadn’t yet moved to help rescue.  He signaled to them with no avail.  He was then able to dig the rest of his buried body out of
the snow and initiated his primary search for anyone else that may have been
Luckily no one else was and with help from
another group was able to dig his sled out.
Guys!  If you see a slide happen,
take action!  Assign one person to
watch for hangfire and another get in there to aid in the rescue. 
Commenting afterward that “Hey, you went for a hell of a ride there huh?” doesn’t
save lives.
Dave was a very educated rider with tons of
Slide was on a South West facing slope and slid
over 300m wide and 700m in distance.  This is no joke.  Be
careful, get educated.
Hangfire Avalanche Training
Zacs Tracs

Thanks dave for the photos.  I’m glad luck was on your side!!