February 23rd, 2016

Behind the Scenes: Ski-Doo Club 2017 Showroom

The Ski-Doo Club 2017 Showroom reveal of the new BRP lineup happened last night, and 3000 lucky dealers and industry people got to see all the new sleds and gear firsthand in Dallas, Texas.


For mountain riders the reveal was huge, with a ground-up redesign of the 2017 Summit model including a totally new REV Gen4 chassis, 850cc powerplant and many more upgrades.

For those of us that couldn’t be there to see firsthand, here are a bunch of behind the scenes photo of the event and machines, courtesy of Motor Tech Enterprises in Golden, BC.


Here we go, in no particular order!


Here it is, the 2017 Summit X 850 E-TEC. Totally new design, new aggressive styling with a throwback to yesteryear. Gone are the flowing lines of the REV XM, for a meaner, tighter look.



Kinda like this bad boy coming atcha!



New RAS 3 front suspension is basically an upgraded version of the RAS 2 that is designed to work with the REV Gen4 chassis. The skis are unchanged Pilot DS-3 from 2016.



Here is the pDrive, BRP’s new drive clutch! They claim that it is maintenance-free! The old TRA-VII slider buttons are replaced with roller bearings for less resistance and faster response, along with other changes.



Ski-Doo pumps out more accessories than any other brand! They offer everything you could possibly need to go riding, including these gloves that are apparently quite waterproof and good at holding snowboards.



The 174″ Summit T3 is unchanged for 2017. It takes awhile to configure every model to a new chassis, and we suspect that BRP likes to dole out the new technology rather than blow it all on the entire lineup in one year.



More accessories from BRP, including a pretty cozy looking onesie.



The REV Gen4 has a new cooling tray that does away with external cooling fins. It has shown to be significantly better at cooling the engine. A new track with a 3.5″ pitch (not to be confused with lug size) saves 10lbs of weight with lighter and stiff lugs. The track is available in 2.5″ and 3.0″ lug specification.



Big surprise! It was dude soup hanging around the new Summit, hoping for a chance to talk shop with Carl Kuster.



The new 850 E-TEC pumps out 165hp, which is 10hp more than the 800 E-TEC. The 2nd generation direction injection engine was designed to be 30% more responsive that its predecessor.



Here is the superstructure of the REV Gen4. The biggest change is the placement of the new engine, which is more centralized for better maneuverability. The engine is placed farther back in the chassis and is centred laterally. A new tunnel has beveled edges that, along with a smaller seat, narrows the chassis between the rider’s legs.



The S-Module has been strengthened, and new RAS 3 geometry gives the Summit a higher ride to help the sled get up on top of the snow better.



A new 2-piece forged crank should improve durability in the bottom end. There is also a new delivery mechanism that puts oil directly to the crank bearings, which reduces consumption significantly.



With a more narrow body and “powderdynamic” body panels, a few things had to change in order to get the powerplant centred in the chassis. The oil reservoir now lives on the clutch side apparently.



The top of the tunnel has a new look along with the changed cooling tray beneath.



Another angle of the REV Gen4 superstructure.



Motor Tech Ent wasn’t the only dealership taking a million pictures at the event!



Although the Freeride model doesn’t get the new REV Gen4 or 850 E-TEC in 2017, it does retain the tried, tested and true REV XM 800 platform with, yep, you guessed it! Bold new colours!



New body panels and a narrower platform should reduce paneling-out on steep sidehill maneuvers.



The new spring-check only Summit X looks pretty good in black.



The 2017 retains its 154″ track length, but the 163″ option has been replaced by a 165″ track.



Another view of the 2017 Freeride in its Octane Blue/Manta Green colour scheme.



Guy – “Hey Carl, what’s with these new running boards?”

Carl – “Well Guy, you stand on them! And they are flatter underfoot.”

Guy – “Neato! I’ll take 10!”



Big thanks to Motor Tech for sending us these images live from the show! Be sure to head into the shop and sign-up to spring-check one of the new Summit models!

Motor Tech Enterprises

Golden, BC

(250) 344-2888



– MS