March 16th, 2009

Big Iron Shootout (Saturday)

We arrived in Revy around 6:00 am Pacific Standard time (Revy time) and hooked up with OZONE (Dave) for some on the spot spontaneous “Loser Goes On” (and other random rules) Paper Rock Scissors for a new set up OAKLEY sunglasses and our logo print Big Iron Shootout jerseys.  I don’t know how anyone in their right mind can be so chipper at 6:00 am.  I can’t thank you enough OZONE for all the help and hook ups throughout the course of the event.

We met up at Peak Lodge on the highway just a few km west of the town of Revy.  The owner of the hotel was amazing, and let us stage our rig (we can’t thank you enough!).  After OZONE dropped off our day passes we were set-up and ready and stress free, so we took advantage, dropped into the Peak Lodge restaurant and hit up the buffet breakfast of champions.  What a great set up these guys have!

We geared up and set off up to the cabin on Boulder and saw hundreds of people already there and amp’d up!  We filmed for awhile all the different creations of machines like Impulse Turbos, MPI supers, Twisted Turbos, MCExpress Turbos, 1200 Skidoo Turbos, a few Brad Story propane monsters, Randy Swenson’s new rig (so beautiful), and the list goes on and on!

We headed up to watch the uphill drags which always blow my mind how well guys can get their machines to work.  There was a young guy on a 146 XP with a 880 kit showing some talent with some ‘pendulum turns’ that were impressive.

The Bull Pen was the next stop, but weather crapped out so the crew decided to see what else there was.  I thought Monster was the next stop, but we ended up in a small zone with 6 or 7 big chutes that looked super promising!  

This is where it all went down.  Boys started showing their talent on their big gun machines and it was amazing.  Blasting up chutes left and right and a bunch of carnage to match!  We got a bunch of banger footage, so check back later this week and have  a peek.

After the show was over we headed back to the Peak Lodge packed up and headed East to Golden.  We missed the after party but business called.  

If you have never been, MAKE SURE you go next year!  This is an event NOT to be missed.
BIG shout out goes to OZONE for hooking us up and putting on a great event once again.
Thanks to our crew who filmed, traveled and made a great day for us!
Til next year boys and girls, if you’ve got a sled, turbo it! haha