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Mountain Sledder | September 24, 2018

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Featured Stories

Safety Gear

July 30, 2008 |

For those of you who are new to backcountry snow machining, we’ve taken some of the equipment we are familiar with and a few industry favorites and showcased them for you!  Hope this helps in your quest for a safer riding experience!

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July 23, 2008 |

It seems we have a new player in the land of sled films.  Every year there is no question a few of the big guns are going to produce a sick video, this year Boondockers is one of them!

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July 19, 2008 | 2

Last winter FXR threw gear on us for both testing and mountain exposure for their new products.  We tested a few different models, but found the Vertical suit was right for us!

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Snowmobile Show near YOU!

July 17, 2008 |

Just an update with this years Snowmobile Shows in your area!  If you have never been to one, it is a great opportunity to see everything on the market, not just what’s in your local shop.  Get out there, explore, be edumacated… Watch out for a Sledshot.com booth! 

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Marathon Sled Decks

July 8, 2008 |

Marathon Decks are the industry leaders in not only innovations, but sales as well.  These guys have the cleanest looking sled decks out there and are a MUST have for every true sledder!

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Thunderstruck 7

June 28, 2008 |

Jim Phelan and Team Thunderstruck have released their latest teaser!  Thunderstruck 7 is the latest and greatest from this intense crew of riders from all over Western North America.  

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Slednecks 11

June 12, 2008 | 1

These guys never cease to amaze us.  I mean, year after year the filming gets better, quality gets better, riders get better, styles get better…  Check out the details and watch the boyz and girls huck their meat!

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509 Films Presents Evolution

June 8, 2008 |

509 films has been stepping it up over the past few seasons, proving there are other cool videos out there besides Slednecks, Braaap, and Thunderstruck!  Check out some photos, and the amazing teaser!

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Spring is here and possibly gone…

June 6, 2008 |

Hey guys, I just wanted to say thank you for checking in to my blog here, and how pumped I am to be writing for you!  This is a gig that I have been wanted to be a part of for awhile now, and think it is a great way for people to get info on what’s out there!

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movie previews

May 31, 2008 |

With the 2008 winter season wraping up its time to start thinking of something besides sledding. But with most of the film production companies releasing their latest teasers its easier said then done.

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