February 15th, 2013

Boarders and Boundaries

We all know there are hard and soft closures and some are patroled and some are not, however all of them are there for a reason.
You might be reading this thinking he’s full of it, or common, no one really uses those things… if you are “that guy” you are hurting our industry.  The more “Red Flags” that get risen out there the harder it is to ask for more from the government.  We are trying our hardest in our leadership rolls in our clubs, societys, and in congress to put on a professional image, but it sure makes it tougher when we fuel the opositions fire.  
Please respect all the boundaries put before us, and know they will all be examined and dealt with one way or another in the future.  Breaking the rules only puts us futher from our end goals.
Thanks for reading the rant!