Cabin Etiquette... | Mountain Sledder
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Mountain Sledder | September 24, 2018

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Cabin Etiquette... | Mountain Sledder

Cabin Etiquette…

Well… that lasted one weekend!!  I’m super NOT impressed with how lazy some people are!  I get so frustrated with litter and the countless volunteer hours that has to go into cleaning up behind a bunch of “grown-ups” who have the etiquette of a 12 year old!!!!  I realize that some people are on “vacation” when coming to the mountains for their trips, but after you leave, more people come, and more and so on.  Think of the impact not only you as an individual is having, but everyone like you too!  PICK UP YOUR S&%T!
I know most of us are super respectful, and I’m sorry because it seems like I’m generalizing, but I’m really not.
I just wanted help get the word out that volunteers actually have to clean that up.
Three of us had to give the cabin a full clean and it was DECEMBER 2ND!
PLEASE pack out what you pack in!
Thank you for reading. Nuff said!
To watch to video CLICK HERE!


granner says:

wait, wait, wait. so what you’re saying is if i leave my garbage behind someone else has to clean it up? that’s just plain crazy. next thing you ‘ll try and tell me that you can recycle beer cans.

jimbo says:

what a way to start off a season. thats plain ingnorance.

Sean McCaig says:

think of the children!

Reid Day says:

Good call, lets think of the future of this sport!