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Mountain Sledder | August 18, 2018

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Tips | Mountain Sledder Magazine

Riding Tip: Re-Entry with Chris Brown

September 12, 2013 |

Riding Tip: Re-Entry with Chris Brown Jump Selection Finding the right jump for a re-entry is key.  Ideally you want to find a jump that has a smooth run-in and a transition to a steep face.  The more vertical the face, the more height you will get and the more … Read More

Riding Tip: Jumping 101 with Chris Brown

December 12, 2012 |

I get a lot of people asking me about jumping – how I started, what’s the biggest jump I’ve hit on my sled, and how to do it.Read More

Riding Tip: Boondocking 101 with Chris Brown

September 12, 2012 |

While teaching, the biggest mistake I see is people going too fast and not having full control of their sled. So the first thing I teach is…Read More

PreSeason Checks

August 29, 2012 | 4

PreSeason checks for prepping your snowmobile for snow!

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2012 Arctic Cat Snowmobile Belt Change and Deflection Tech Tip

March 1, 2012 |

How to change a belt on a 2012 Arctic Cat M8

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Riding Tip: How to Get Unstuck

February 12, 2012 |

There are a few different ways to get unstuck. Different methods work under different circumstances. Maybe you’re stuck going uphill. Or in a creek bottom, or up against a tree. You might even get stuck on the flats on a super deep day!Read More


January 30, 2012 | 2

Riding tip on how to do “turn-ups” – sometimes known as j-hooks or j-turns – if you are coming downhill and find yourself in a bad situation, this is how to get yourself turned around and back uphill

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2012 BCA Bag

November 3, 2011 |

How to insert a new cylinder in the 2012 BCA Float 30 pack and how to inflate and repack the airbag.

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Snowpulse Vest

October 29, 2011 |

How to inflate a SnowPulse Pro Tech Vest airbag

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Ski Doo 2011 E tech Belt Change and Deflection Tip

February 4, 2011 | 1

How to change a belt and belt deflection on a SkiDoo 2011 800 eTech

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