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Brett Turcotte – Cliff Huck Slednecks 15

GoPro just posted this shot from Slednecks 15 this week. It’s an air by Brett Turcotte and we happened to give this our ‘Best Air’ award in our 2013 film awards (in…

How to Tow a Dead Snowmobile

This video will show you how to tow a dead snowmobile safely, including where to attach the tow strap. Don't forget to remove the belt!

How to Change a Belt and Adjust Deflection on a 2012 Arctic Cat – Tech Tip

Hey guys! Here's a tip on how to change a belt and adjust belt deflection on a 2012 Arctic Cat M8! Enjoy this video Tech Tip!

Riding Tip: How to Get Unstuck

There are a few different ways to get unstuck. Different methods work under different circumstances. Maybe you're stuck going uphill. Or in a creek bottom, or up against a tree. You might…

How to Change a Belt on a Yamaha Nitro

Ever wondered how to change a belt on a Yamaha Nitro? This video will step you through the process! Better to practice in your warm garage than out there!

Tech Tip: Prepare Your Snowmobile for Summer Storage

When putting your sled away for the summer, it's important to properly prepare your snowmobile for summer storage. Taking the right steps will help prevent issues like corrosion from arising during your sled's…

Mountain Sledder Channel on YouTube – Tips, Gear and Safety Videos

Hey guys, just a heads up to our readers that has a youtube channel.  Since our first couple of videos we made last year, it has been our mission to get…