Chatter Creek | Mountain Sledder
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Mountain Sledder | October 17, 2018

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Chatter Creek | Mountain Sledder

Chatter Creek

Chatter is becoming renowned for its spring riding.  Since it’s conception Chatter has been very snowmobile orientated with a strong sledding history.  Snowmobiles not only provide access for their staff, but they use snow machines daily for recon missions.  Road building can be very dangerous putting snow cats in exposed terrain for long period of time, so using sleds to determine the best routes through their vast terrain is mandatory!  If you get the chance to go for a ride with the staff, don’t pass it up.  They are very skillful riders who can show you terrain you only thought Alaska had to offer.  Over the past four years we have been going to Chatter Creek religiously every spring (some years a few times) and have yet to be let down.  The riding is second to none, the bar serves tasty beverages, and the hot tubs are very accommodating.  
So if you have booked yet, check out their booking site HERE!! 

For more sledding info, check out Chatter Creek Snowmobiling HERE!


GSR Store says:

Just talked to Chatter convoy in at 11:00am convoy out at 5:00pm on your day of booking

Tamara says:

Booked for April 18! Golden Snowmobile Club wknd. With membership your rate is decreased-super cheap! They indicated no worries about access! 6 of us going – extras welcome!

Aaron Bernasconi says:

They said not to stress! If your booked in they’ll make it happen.

rapptorracing says:

I’m picking what your throwing down, but what about the access?