September 2nd, 2008

Cheetah Factory Racing

Cheetah offers racks, ramps, scratchers, and most importantly bracket systems for skiers and snowboards.  These systems are hands down the best on the market.  I’ve seen many variations from other companies, however I have yet to see one that can do it all like Cheetah Factory Racing.  I’ve been using CFR racks for personal use for over four years, and have now added a few racks to our GSR rental fleet with rave reviews from clients.  
CFR takes all those shifty bunjies away!  No more tie down straps getting caught in your suspension (YOU KNOW WHAT I”M TALKING ABOUT!), and if that wasn’t enough, the Double D rack fits a 20L jerry perfectly.  The moment you use one there is no turning back so save your summer bucks, and invest in a CFR rack system.
The racks we seem to sell the most of, and use personally is the Double D rack along with either one or two Double Ski Bracket, or one or two of the Snowboard Bracket systems.  We set our rental sleds up with a Double D rack along with Snowboard Bracket on one side, and a Double Ski Bracket on the other.  
CFR have easy to follow instructions to follow for installation and take around twenty minutes to install.  
These babies are tried, tested, and true, and of course you know we sell them!
Check our on-line store on Nov. 1st and buy yours today!