September 26th, 2016

Interview with Morgan Gamache

Morgan Gamache is a sledder through and through. 


Gamache Family Photo

He started when he was five, bought his first sled at sixteen and now in his late twenties, he leads the charge as one of the best in the game. He’s been starring in sled media since he made an appearance in a Dave Craig Roops of Hazzard movie on a ’04 MXZ. He was thirteen. Since then, he’s been following an impressive path of progression, not just a rider but also as a media producer. These days, Morgan is just as passionate about capturing sledding as he is about being a sledder and it’s clear that our community is in for a good show. We caught up with the man in Pemberton this summer to see what makes him tick.

Photos by Julie-Ann Chapman


Interview with Morgan Gamache

On filming:

“I love everything about filming in the mountains. To me it’s the best time you can have with your friends. To be out there and to have the objective of getting shots is a pastime that I really enjoy.”


Tarps off

On editing:

Editing shots of myself has made me a better sledder. When you’re editing, you sit at a computer and watch the same move a hundred times because you’re trying to line everything up. I’ve noticed little subtleties in my riding from watching and editing footage of myself that has helped me improve. It was a cool bi-product of actually editing.”


On growing up as a sledder:

“Growing up in Pemberton there was always a chance to sled. I went out with my dad and mom a lot. We were a riding family. I’ve had a sled ever since I was five but the breakthrough for me was in my early teens when I got on a 2001 Summit 600 (136”). That’s the sled that got me to keep up with my dad. Back then, because I was so light, my dad and his friends would send me and my buddy first through the trees to break trail. We were pretty small so we were basically useless at getting unstuck, so they’d always send us on ahead and by the time we were stuck, they’d catch up and trade us out with other sleds to keep going.”



Gamache is a master of whips. Although if you ask him, he’d say he’s a student. It’s a move that has come naturally for him but it’s also one he’s been practicing for a long time. The whip in BRAAAP 15, which made the cover of the DVD was one of the nastiest stomps we’ve ever seen.



On whips:

“The thing I like about whips is that everyone does them differently. It’s a move that really brings out style and for me, I like to see three point landings. I remember being there in the early days watching and being apart of when whips started happening in Whistler. That was cool and I’ve kinda always had them. Turcotte and Munster to me are the guys I really look up to.”



Hard not to get motivated to ride when you’re surrounded by this.

On cliff drops:

“I’m trying to get better at cliff drops and I have to call out Cody McNolty as someone who’s really helped me with that. They kinda freak me out but I’m learning.”


Morgan Gamache


On selling his sled to go to school:

“It was a tough decision but one that has worked out. I spent four years without owning a sled but I was still always a sledder in my heart. I’d come home (to Pemberton) and borrow my Dad’s sled. I’d still get 10-15 days a year in but I was mostly focused on school and career. In the 15/16 season I was finally in a position again to get back on my own sled. I bought a Freeride and moved to Revelstoke. It was so good to be back with sledding as a priority.”

On Racing:

“I love racing. I wish I could do way more. I’ve only ever competed at the Silverstar race but I loved it.”

Race Results

Semi-pro Stock 800: 1st

800 Improved: 1st
800 Mod: 1st

Pro Open Improved: 1st

800 Improved: 2nd
Open Mod: 3rd

On work:

“I’m an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, but I like Helicopter Mechanic better as a title. Winter work is often a little slower in my industry, which is fine with me. When I do travel it’s usually 3 weeks on, 3 weeks off. It means I miss a lot of good storm cycles but I also get a bunch too.”

On Revelstoke:

“I love the tree riding in Revelstoke, which is my favorite kind of sledding. The snow is so good and the terrain is featured. For me right now, it’s where I want to be.”

Morgan Gamache
On shoutouts:

“Gotta give it up to my buddy Denver Debes. I’ve been sledding a lot with him and we have a blast. On BRAAAP films, of course, we’ve worked together for years. And the Hickshow boys for sure. I finally got out with them this winter and it was a blast. Jon Jean for sure. We’ve shaped each other’s sledding in pretty cool ways. I got ahold of a Piston Bully once in Whistler and we built some big jumps. That had a good effect on Jon.”