October 31st, 2018

USDA Reports No Comments On Chugach NF Land Management Plan Lost or Altered

With another National Forest Land Management Plan up for review, this time the Chugach National Forest in Alaska, sledders from all over North America have rallied to comment in support of motorized-use in the National Forests.

However, there was some concern this week as some individuals who had submitted a comment on the land management plan proposal between October 24-26 could not find their own comment, or it appeared to have been altered.

The USDA Forest Service has now acknowledged that due to software update, there was a problem with comment submissions appearing correctly—including some appearing to be related to issues in the Sierra, Sequoia and Inyo National Forests, rather than the Chugach National Forest for which they were intended. However, the USDA goes on to confirm that the problem has since been rectified, and that all comments that have been submitted are correctly associated with the Chugach National Forest draft Land Management Plan, and have not been lost or altered.


Here is the release from USDA Forest Service, which was sent in an email.

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Update on Forest Service Comment and Analysis Response Application (CARA) database

On October 26thwe became aware of an issue with the U.S. Forest Service Comment and Analysis Response Application (CARA) database. Commenters checking to confirm the receipt of their comments on or around October 24thto the 26thmay not have seen their comments accurately reflected in the reader’s guide (many saw a 2016 letter related to the Sierra, Sequoia, and Inyo National Forests).

We learned from the national developers of the CARA database, that due to a software update, the Chugach National Forest, as well as other forests, experienced some comment submissions appearing incorrectly in the reader’s guide. The software problem has been corrected and all comments submitted to date are correctly associated with the Chugach National Forest draft Land Management Plan. If you submitted comments during this timeframe, you can check the reading room for your submission. To view comments in the reading room at: 


We value your input and can confirm comments received in the CARA database were never changed or lost during this software update.


In addition to submitting comments electronically to the CARA database at , there are other options (below) for submitting your comments including the addition of a dedicated email address:


FAX to (907) 743-9476

Send or deliver written comments to:

Chugach National Forest’s Supervisor’s Office

Attn: Draft Land Management Plan

161 East 1st Ave., Door 8,

Anchorage, AK  99501

E-mail comments to:


If you have additional questions or want to speak to anyone further please contact

David Fitz-Enz at