December 8th, 2009

Competition Winner

CONGRATULATIONS to Brett Kolasa from Calgary for winning our October/November competition.  The competition was open for entries to anyone from October through to the end of November.  All you had to do was sign-up for a free account on and we drew a name from that list on December 1st.

Brett won a Slednecks Defender jacket – just for signing up!  When we contacted Brett to tell him he’d won, he was super stoked (as you can imagine), but told us that he’s happy with his current outerwear, and wondered if we had any options for him.  As we’re such a kind crew at and because christmas is on its way, we spoke to our partners at Golden Snowmobile Rentals (where Brett rides as much as he can all winter) and they kindly offered him a store voucher for the same value as the jacket.

I have a feeling Brett might invest in a new helmet cam – so watch the video gallery for some footage from him later in the season!

We wanted to find out a bit more about Brett, and asked him a few questions… check em out below:

What Is Your Name?:
Brett M. Kolasa

Where’s Home?:
Home for me is in Calgary, but born in Seattle, Washington

What Sled Do You Ride?: Any Mods?:
Well last year I wrapped my ’04 summit 800 around a stump, so when I got the insurance money I decided to try something new. Since I have been riding Ski Doo all my life, I decided to go with a ’09 Polaris Assault 800 with the new 2010 motor and all the other recalls done, and so far I am in love! The power is awesome, the suspension is too sick, the track rips everything up, and it just looks fricken sweet!!!!. Right now I only have a MBRP can on it, but over the summer I plan to save up and throw on a Boondocker pump gas turbo.

Riding Style?:
I would have to consider myself to be a backcountry freestyle rider. I mean who doesn’t love a nice big send???? haha

Favorite Riding Area(s)?:
This is a tricky question, but I would have to say Silent Pass near Golden BC on a blue bird day with about 4 feet of fresh! if the snow isn’t cooperating in the Golden area, my second favourite area is The Notch in Fernie. It doesn’t matter how many sleds are out there, you can always find loads of tree lines that haven’t been touched all year.

Where’s Your Secret Stash?:
Well if I told you that it wouldn’t be a secret! lol

Tunes For The Truck?:
Anything that gets me freakin PUMPED!!!!!!!!! Cage the Elephant, Rage Against the Machine, and BEAST is it now.

What Do You Do When You’re Not Sledding?:
When I am not sledding I am playing soccer, or working on my sled. But no matter what I am doing I am always thinking of a nice blue bird day with loads of pow.

Well I came across while I was l on youtube watching snowmobile vids getting pumped up for this winter. But when I went to the website and looked though it I was super impressed with the format, current conditions, forums, the snowmobile news, and of course the wicked vids. is definitely the best website based in mountains. It truly is the “The epicenter of Mountain sledding”. I am there daily.

Ingredients For A Good Day:
Ingredients for a good day would have to be; Blue bird day, at least 3 feet of pow, no injuries, no mechanical break down, and of course being out in the great outdoors with my good friends.

Thanks Brett – stoked to have you as a member on

Watch this space for our December competition…. coming soon!