November 25th, 2016

Conditions Report: Coast Nov 25, 2016

WINTER IS HERE!! YEEEWWWWWW!!! Get out and rip!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday has brought us over 1 meter of fresh pow above 1000m and it’s still PUKING with about another 45cm in the forecast for Thursday and Friday. The freezing level is supposed to stay around 1000m and could possibly lower by next week.

I have decided to take my sled out for the first time tomorrow to do some snow studies, but this report is brought to you by weather observation research and actual outings by close friends in the past couple of days. The snowline is sitting at about 1000m right now, so if you are planning to get out I don’t suggest using trailers yet. You still have to drive higher on the logging roads to get to the snow, so using a sled deck is recommended.

As far as the snowpack goes, there is an early November crust sitting under the snow right now. All this new snow is sitting on this crust that is about 90cm down at 1750m. It’s sitting a little farther down as you go higher in elevation. This means be careful. We have a lot of snow sitting on a hard crust that could easily cause a slab avalanche. Although reports say that the new snow is bonding well to this crust, always be careful. I will do a little snow profile tomorrow so please stay tuned on my exact findings on the she shreds facebook page tomorrow evening.


Conditions Report: Coast Nov 24, 2016

Conditions Report: Coast Nov 24, 2016


There has been heavy winds up high as well, so please be aware of wind loaded slopes that may be a bit more unstable. Always make sure to always check the avalanche reports on before heading out into the backcountry. Please feel free to write your own report of the conditions that you have found and observed out there in the Mountain Information Network (MIN) on their page!

There is close to 2 meters of vase at about 2200m right now and a little less as you go lower.

Reality check: Yes it has snowed A LOT in the past 3-4 days, and yes I suggest venturing out and having a look-see for some fun. Yes it’s still early season and the snow hasn’t had too much time to form a solid base yet so be careful when you go in for that deep aggressive ski carve!


Brohm Squamish – Parking just before the gate. The Black Tusk club has now started charging for trail fees. Help support the club!

Brandywine Whistler – I haven’t gotten an update on exact km parking but is has come down since last week’s report. Flurry, but still very creek-y in the bowl!  Those creeks munch you whole, so watch out!

Rutherford Pemberton – No reports of anyone up there yet. This location is usually one of the last places to go early season due to large creeks and cross ditches there.

Hurley FSR Pemberton – No one has attempted to drive over since last week nor would I suggest it anymore. I think it’s safe to say the Hurley is now closed for driving vehicles and open for sled traffic only. Snow starts on the road at about 1000m and there is close to a meter at the summit.

Now is a good time buy your local snowmobile club membership and to start going over all of your gear to make sure you’re ready for the season.  Here is a little article I wrote a while back—a checklist on a rough idea of what you should have on you while sledding this winter.


— Julie-Ann