November 30th, 2016

Conditions Report: Coast Nov 30, 2016

Stuckfest 2016 came on strong in the Sea to Sky corridor of the Coast.  Holay!!!

I hope everyone got out for some of their favorite kind of face shots the past couple of days!

Pemberton is sitting at a base of about 2m and Whistler is sitting at a base of about 2.6m. It snowed a good 1-1.3m over the past weekend with not much of a base under, hence why it was a stuckfest!

A high pressure swooped in Monday and brought some pretty sunshine allowing the snow to settle a bit more. Many hard trail-breaking days went down for crews out there and finally people are starting to make it into the alpine. Freezing levels are sitting nice and low and plan to stay around 800-1000m for the next couple days. Looks like another system is going to sweep in by the weekend, but can’t really tell you exactly how much snow it will bring seeing it’s a bit early for that, but clouds are brewing with precip in the satellite imagery!


November 28, Pemberton BC. Photo Russ Mclaughlin.

November 28, Pemberton BC. Photo Russ Mclaughlin.


The snowline is still sitting at about 1000m right now, so if you are planning to get out I don’t suggest using trailers yet seeing you still have to drive higher on the logging roads to get to the snow, sled decks only.

As far as the snowpack goes, there is an early November crust sitting under the snow right now. In Pemberton it is sitting about 110cm down and in Whistler it will be a little lower as they have more snow. There has been heavy winds up there as well so please be aware of wind loaded slopes that maybe a bit more unstable.

I dug my first pit of the season at 1850m yesterday in the Pemberton backcountry. Profile was 107cm down to where the early November crust sits, and it was on a 20 degree slope on a southeast sunny aspect that was sheltered from the wind. Foot penetration was 50cm. I got a couple of resistant planar reactions:
CTM 15 down 37cm
CTH 4 down 57cm
For those who don’t talk snow science basically means that the first 57cm is reactive. All the new snow is settling nicely, but tread lightly on the steeps!




Always make sure to always check the avalanche reports on before heading out into the backcountry. Please feel free to write your own Mountain Information Network (MIN) report of what you have found and observed out there!

Reality check: Yes it has snowed A LOT in the past week, and yes I suggest getting out there for some faceshots, but it’s still early season and the snow base is only at about 65% of average depth. So be careful when you go in for that deep aggressive ski carve, I wouldn’t want you getting shnagged by a shark fin rock or stump! And those creeks are still open!


 Still lots of creeks exposed! Be careful! Janice Mcwilliam can tell you all about them.

Still lots of creeks exposed! Be careful! Janice Mcwilliam can tell you all about them.


Brohm Squamish – Seeing I do not head to Brohm to ride very often, Brody Fourchalk will be helping me out with the report for this location through out the season. Parking is at about 4km up the road. The Black Tusk club has now started charging for trail fees, so help support the club! They get their new groomer in a week!!

Brandywine Whistler – People are parking between the bottom parking and the second switchback.  Full operations have not yet started with grooming and trail fees yet, but it’s coming soon. It’s still very creek-y in the bowl! Those creeks will munch you whole, watch out!

Rutherford Pemberton – No reports of anyone up there yet. This location is usually one of the last places to go early season as there ar large creeks and cross ditches. Also, it’s not the safest place to go early season seeing all the crevasses are still all open.

Hurley FSR Pemberton – No one has attempted to drive over since last week nor would I suggest it anymore. I think it’s safe to say the Hurley is now closed for driving vehicles and open for sled traffic only. Parking is between 8-9km up the road. Heads up, a HUGE boulder slid onto the road at about 34km. Backcounrty Snowcats has marked it off with red fence for safety! Thank you! Heads up as well, their tenure for cat-skiing starts on Dec 10, please respect their zone and don’t go sledding there.





— Julie-Ann