Conditions Report: Golden Feb 2, 2017
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Mountain Sledder | October 24, 2018

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Conditions Report: Golden Feb 2, 2017

Conditions Report: Golden Feb 2, 2017

| On 02, Feb 2017

Don’t fall in a tree this weekend, you might never get out again!


The conditions in Golden are about to change


For the past couple of weeks we’ve been enjoying blue skies and moderate temperatures. That trend was broken last Sunday with a light snowfall that brought roughly 10cm to the area. It wasn’t enough for a total reset, but it did soften up the packed snow areas and made the untouched areas super playful with plenty of traction. Since then we’ve returned to clear skies and cold nights for the most part of the week.



That’s about to change, starting tomorrow (Friday) as a heavy system rolls in off the coast and into the lower portions of the province.

It looks like Golden will be smacked by the storm, which will peak in intensity on Sunday night. But fear not, weekend warrior. Fresh snow could start to fall as soon as Friday afternoon, and continue through Monday night.




As usual it’s hard to say exactly how much precip will come, but it looks at least like temps will stay low and what does come will be in blower, cold smoke format. The way things are shaping up, it looks like this system will reset all of our zones.


Hazard rating to go up

Although the Avalanche Canada avalanche bulletin has not yet been posted for the weekend, you can bet your bottom dollar that the hazard rating will be on the rise. Read the details before heading out and watch for signs of instability always!


RCMP ORV check blitz in February

Take note; it’s been reported that Columbia Valley RCMP will be ramping up registration checks on ORV’s in the month of February. So if you’re towing or hauling a sled around, have your registration documents up-to-date and expect to be pulled over for inspection.


Grooming is underway at all three maintained Golden areas, and trail fees are set at $25/rider.


Quartz — There is good coverage and a solid base from rider traffic. Quartz is packed after a week of sunshine, but fresh snow on Friday will changes things. The trail is in excellent condition. Parking is at the normal parking lot just off the highway. There are portable toilets now at the trailhead.

Gorman — Parking at 3.5km parking lot. The hill can be slippery at times, especially when it’s snowing like it should be this weekend. Although Gorman is notoriously rocky early season, it’s now in mid-season form. That means it’s still kinda rocky! Riders have pushed all areas in the last few weeks and the valley bottoms are stiff from this week’s traffic.

Silent Pass — Parking is at 46.5km on the North Fork. Watch for active logging at all times. Like the other areas, the popular terrain is packed, but soft snow can be found on the fringes. The trees should be all-time by the end of the weekend if the forecast is right!