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Mountain Sledder Magazine | December 11, 2017

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Conditions Report: Golden Mar 29, 2017

Conditions Report: Golden Mar 29, 2017

Conditions are some of the best we’ve seen all winter in Golden.

We haven’t seen blue skies in a few days, but clouds are alright when they keep producing fresh snow conditions.

It’s been warm (5-10°C) in the valley during the day, which has caused most of the snow around to town to melt away. It’s still there for now, but won’t last long. It certainly feels like spring is in the air down low, but that is not the case up at elevation.



Snow up high is still blower… good enough to spin donuts and fill the air with white dust.


Up high it is still definitely winter. It’s been snowing up there, and when the wind picks up it can still feel a bit like January. The good news is that the cool temps have kept the snow in great shape. In fact we found some of the deepest pow shots we’ve had all winter on Sunday!





Freezing levels look to rise slightly on Friday and Saturday afternoons, but for the most part it looks like snow will be well preserved into next week at least. Come get it while it’s still really, really good!