December 16th, 2016

Conditions Report: Revelstoke Dec 16, 2016

Jack Frost is visiting us with cold conditions here in Revelstoke before Christmas this year!

It has been a very chilly week with a dominating Arctic high pressure system hovering over us. It has been clear as a bell and beautiful panoramic views, but with that comes all the tracks. We are starting to have to go pretty far to get into the fresh, but when you find it, it is soft and cold and fluffy.

These cold temperatures have brought with them a series of developing surface conditions that we are going to want to keep our eyes on—there is a lot of snow available for transport if the wind comes up, and there are some surface facets developing from the extreme temperatures. Once the next storm falls over this, it could get a bit tricky. 

The forecast looks like the arctic high will be moving away from us, which will allow some storms off the coast to work their way towards us. It looks like we will get some precipitation starting this weekend and adding up to at least 50cm by the end of the week. Just in time for Christmas! 


Revelstoke Snow Conditions


As usual, make sure you check prior to heading out so you are aware of the local conditions!


— Nadine