December 22nd, 2016

Conditions Report: Revelstoke Dec 22, 2016

The riding conditions have been amazing these past few days!

I would never say it, but some would almost say ‘too deep’!

The high pressure finally got pushed out and on Sunday night and Monday we got hammered with well over 50cm of fresh, light snow. At higher elevations, this translated to much, much more! So I can positively tell you that it is going to be a Merry Christmas.

All the main riding areas are now loading and unloading from the main parking lots, no more riding up the roads and wearing out your skis. 

Looking forward, it is going to be really important to watch out for wind slabs. That last storm came with some strong winds from southerly directions so don’t get caught off guard when you roll into wind affected terrain. There is also the older persistent layers that we were worried about that now have the extra load. The green light has turned off as far as avalanche conditions and you need to be making smart decisions with your group. 

The forecast has another 5-10 cm today and then a small high pressure ridge for the weekend—so we can have some visibility for testing all our new toys on Christmas Day! After that, it looks like another storm cycle and more snow to keep us occupied through the holidays. 


Revelstoke Conditions



It is full on winter and avalanche conditions are changing out there, so please be prepared and stay safe this holiday season and check the bulletin for your riding area at


— Nadine