December 29th, 2016

Conditions Report: Revelstoke Dec 29, 2016

I would need a thesaurus to look up all of the synonyms for “deep” and then I would use them all in one sentence to describe just how amazing this past week has been.

We have had a series of storms flow through since just before Christmas up until now that have delivered between 50-80cm of new snow. Not only that, but the temperatures have remained cool in the alpine and the snow is so light and fluffy it feels like you are riding around inside a cloud. The visibility has not been ideal but there is so much snow it doesn’t even matter—you can ride anywhere and find fresh. All the creeks are starting to fill in but there is still the odd booby-trap that is full of this low density snow that just swallows you whole, so be warned when riding in creeky areas. 


Revelstoke Conditions


The forecast calls for another storm through to the end of this week and then some variable weekend weather including some sun and clouds. But prepare yourself for the big freeze in the new year. We are expecting treeline temperatures to be in the -20 range, so dress very warm. 




All riding areas are a go from main parking lots with groomers doing 2 laps throughout the holiday season. Hope to see you on the slopes and out in this amazing winter gift! Please make sure you are checking for your local bulletin as the avalanche conditions are ramping up with all this new load and incoming winds!



— Nadine