January 31st, 2017

Conditions Report: Revelstoke Jan 30, 2017

Welcome to the guts of the mid-January dry spell that has reared its annual head.





We have not had any snow in the past week aside from a few dribs and drabs. The forecast is much of the same, but the story will change by the end of the week. We have had a strong high pressure ridge hovering over us this week. It allowed a small dusting to roll in on Sunday but other than that there has not been much precipitation this week.




The conditions are what you would expect after a week of no snow and decent visibility – it is getting tracked up out there. You have to venture into secret pockets to find any fresh. And even when you do, it is fairly set up and not that sweet blower pow that we have learned to love this season—which means you can pretty much get anywhere.



Traction is good—You can pretty much go anywhere.


That being said, it is beautiful up there and there is no better place to be than on top of a mountain! Trails are in great shape and avalanche conditions are moderate so it is a fine time to get out and play and explore. Things look to be changing for the weekend, so cross your fingers for snow and be aware of changing avalanche conditions.




Make sure to check for up to date avalanche conditions and weather forecasts and check the ride report next week to see how things have improved! 🙂




— Nadine