December 2nd, 2016

Conditions Report: Valemount Dec 2, 2016

Valemount received a good dose of winter late last week which drastically improved conditions and helped out any major access issues.

Alpine snow depths are averaging 155cm and riding is still quite good in all three of the major areas. Riders are urged to use caution as many hazards such as rocks, stumps and open water still exist. For being Dec 2nd, the riding is quite good but one needs to take it easy and just enjoy being on a sled.




All three main areas are accessible from the staging areas at this time although it is still super warm in the valley bottom and this may affect the snow levels.

Keep your wits about you and check before your ride. If you do venture out, please report any of your findings to the Mountain Information Network through Avalanche Canada.



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Clemina – Full snow coverage from the main staging area although there is a bit of a short, but deep, water hole just out side of the main staging. One could avoid this by turning left at the collection shack and connect with the hydro line which joins the trail after 2km.  Or just drive slowly through the water….


Allan Creek – Full but thin coverage from the main staging.  Access is via the “old” trail until grooming begins.  We have not heard of it icing up yet, although one should expect this if we continue with the warmer temps and low snow levels in the valley bottom.


Chappell – Full but thin coverage from the main staging.  A few water crossings but nothing too bad.


— Curtis