Conditions Report: Valemount Dec 29, 2016 | Mountain Sledder
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Conditions Report: Valemount Dec 29, 2016 | Mountain Sledder

Conditions Report: Valemount Dec 29, 2016

| On 29, Dec 2016

Valemount has been killing it over the holiday season with upwards of 70cms of new snow greeting riders and we seem to be getting small reloads daily. 


Valemount Conditions Forecast


It’s a busy time with everyone getting away for a holiday ride but our fleet of groomers have been out daily trying to take care of the access routes. The Clemina Creek and Chappell Creek access trails have been status quo since the beginning of the season. We are still dealing with some icing issues on the Allen Creek trail although the groomer has been making it up daily and as of last night, he was still able to get the drag over the small ice patch at 4.5km. 

Chappell Creek seems to be holding some of the best snow in the area although all of our major areas are producing some deep lines right now. Everyone in the valley seems to be getting the goods as our neighboring communities of Blue River and McBride have also been getting hit hard with the white stuff.


Valemount Conditions

Chappell Creek December 28, 2016


Overall it’s been a sick holiday season and it has been great to see everyone out enjoying the Valemount product. Keep it safe out there and don’t be shy to speak up to those who may need some advice and be quick to offer a helping hand to those who could use one.  



— Curtis