December 7th, 2016

Conditions Report: Valemount Dec 7, 2016

Conditions update from the frozen land of Valemount.

We asked for cooler temperatures and someone listened. Temps are dropping well below minus 20 and they do not look to be warming up any time soon. It looks like we are in for at least another week of these bone-chilling conditions. The good news is that we were able to get the groomer fleet out before the major freeze up so all three of our managed areas (Allan, Clemina and Chappell) are all groomed up and the sailing is smooth.

Access from the staging areas is good and 100% snow covered although we are dealing with low snow levels in the valley bottom, so ride accordingly. A bit of a word of warning; we are unable to do firewood for the Allan Creek cabin until the grooming begins so the cabin is not yet supplied. In these cold temperatures, it might not be wise to venture in here unless you are prepared to deal with the cold.

Alpine snow depths are averaging 165cm and there is still some great riding out there. Allan is likely the most ridden of the three but my choice at this time would be Clemina as it has a nicely stocked cabin and some great options for fresh lines still.

Wish we had some up-to-date pictures for you but hey, its minus flipping 25°C and I’m staying inside. So here is just a shot showing some of our great terrain in the Chappell Creek Area.


— Curtis