Conditions Report: Valemount Jan 12, 2017
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Conditions Report: Valemount Jan 12, 2017

Conditions Report: Valemount Jan 12, 2017

| On 12, Jan 2017

We’re hot ‘n we’re cold… feel like frik’n Katy Perry. 




Another week of very cold temperatures has been upon us here in the big city of Valemount. At the beginning of this week we luckily received 20-30cm of new snow which set us up for a good week of riding. The winds came in full force again and smashed the open alpine areas. A seasoned rider who holds a bit of mountain know how can follow the waves of wind affect to some amazing pockets of delight, but one should expect the open and common areas to be pretty darn solid.





Valemount Conditions Forecast


We are still dealing with quite a rotten snowpack below 1800m and the tree riding at that elevation is pretty challenging with the sugary snow below. Things drastically improve above the 1900m mark. The access trails have been buttery smooth and things are par for the course in that regard.




The week-long forecast is a bit ridiculous showing a 35 degree swing in temperatures and possible rain early next week… but as with any forecast… if it’s four days out, forget about it…Ride safe!



— Curtis