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Mountain Sledder Magazine | December 12, 2017

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Conditions Report: Valemount Jan 6, 2017

Conditions Report: Valemount Jan 6, 2017

| On 06, Jan 2017

To the trees! 

High winds and cold conditions have hammered the open alpine zones around Valemount this week. The access trails are holding up very well with the colder temps. We are back on to our regular schedule for the grooming fleet.



Finding good quality snow has been getting a bit tough in the more visited areas as we have really not had a full reload from the holiday season. The winds have moved snow all over the mountain and slabbed up the majority of what was left to enjoy in the open areas. If you are an open bowl rider, you may have to get creative to find some soft snow in the open terrain.


Valemount Snow Conditions



The trees on the other hand are still sick, above 1800 meters that is. Below 1800m we have a very unconsolidated snowpack (sugary) that can be a challenge for any rider. There is lots of great riding still to be had out there. But if you are looking for some soft, unaffected snow, find a good patch of northerly bush and get at it.



— Curtis