Conditions Report: Revelstoke Jan 12, 2017
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Conditions Report: Revelstoke Jan 12, 2017

Conditions Report: Revelstoke Jan 12, 2017

| On 12, Jan 2017

There have been cold and dry conditions for the most part this past week.

The one exception was a day long storm that hit us Monday and brought an ‘almost reset’. It filled in the tracks nicely thanks to a bit of help from the wind, but you can still feel them under there.

We remain in the deep freeze for a few more days until this big Arctic ridge breaks down, which will happen sometime over the weekend. Once that happens, there is a lot of uncertainty as to what exactly is going to happen but very likely that it opens the door for some changes in temperature and likely some precipitation. All we can hope is that it stays cool enough that it is not rain! My fingers are crossed.




Due to the nice cold weather, we have blower snow where it is not wind affected and the avalanche conditions have remained stable at most of the local riding areas. The Monday storm gave us a little fresh to fill in the cricks and cracks. 

Looking forward, expect a mix of sun and cloud for the weekend followed by near freezing levels and some snow and/or rain by next Tuesday. This is a crap shoot at this point and depending how the lows come in off the coast could turn into a big dump mid-next week. Only time will tell.


Conditions Forecast


The sure thing is that the warmer temperatures are going to have major implications on the snowpack, so be sure you know what terrain you are getting into and know how the snow is behaving in your area in addition to how quickly things can change throughout the day! will have all the details and their new mountain weather forecast is amazing, I highly recommend checking it out!  



— Nadine