January 27th, 2009

Crazy X-Games

I just got back to Steamboat from X-Games.  The Freestyle show was awesome!  Huge props to Levi for showing me the sickest thing I’ve ever seen on a sled!  He must have been 50-60 feet off the ground in his double back flip attempt!  Check out the video clip I saw on Youtube HERE.  If he had only landed on tranny he would have had it for sure….

The freestyle final was the best freestyle event by far ever!  Daniel Bodine, Heath Frisby, Joe Parsons and Justin Hoyer lit it up!  All of them have insane flip combos and it was tough judging but Joe Parsons walked away with the gold edging out Justin Hoyer and Heath Frisby.  Great job boys!

I’ve got my new wrap from LimeNine and Sledshot.com on my 600 and it looks sick!  I’ve have been shredding the deep stuff in Steamboat and managed to get a couple photos while filming.  I spoke with Jared Sessions at Boondocker and they have been testing the 600 turbo and said it is awesome.  They’re just getting the clutching dialed in and then I’m throwing mine in!

I plan on coming back to BC when it starts snowing again….until then, keep it real.