February 14th, 2009

Creating Havoc in the Chilcotins…

WARNING! Some of these photos are graphic!!
Just spent 4 days in the Chilcolints leading a
big group. Sledding in over the Hurley, Ice Fishing-catching some rainbow trout
after auguring 2 feet of ice, heli skiing and snowshoeing, and drinking lots of
beer however the craziest part was on our way out today I came around a corner
to see a mass of blood.
I thought someone must have sledded into a deer.
However upon closer inspection we had just arrived on scene of a moose that was
taken down by a or a few cougars! You could see where they got it then dragged
it out to the road then ripped all its hair off then proceeded to tear this
poor moose apart. We thought someone must have come by and taken the head as
there was no head on it, but no sled traks and once i got nice a close I saw
the ears and jaw that was done clean down to the bone. They took its head right
off and and this was within 20 minutes of us arriving there. I knew they must
be close checking us out from the trees and hoping we would leave so they could
get back at it….the photos are graphic so be forewarned. This was by far the
craziest thing I have seen ever….glad I was not this poor moose and gives you
a good perspective on what a cougar can do in a small amount of time…
Check out the video HERE!

Story written by Dave Norona 
Check out Dave’s site at http://www.davenorona.com/