Day trippin' at Chatter | Mountain Sledder
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Mountain Sledder | November 13, 2018

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Day trippin' at Chatter | Mountain Sledder

My business is surrounded around snowmobiles and yesterday I had a group that wanted sleds delivered to Chatter for the week.  Now if I have to drive two hours to deliver sleds I’m definitely bringing mine!  My regular crew I spend time in Chatter with every spring happened to be out there anyway so game on, let shred some pow!
A quick stop at the lodge, and I met up with the boys for some amazing conditions.  We spend most of the morning (late morning) jumping and playing on some pretty rolly features.
By early afternoon the temps had risen dramatically (10 degrees) so we decided to head to a little more friendly terrain.  Up to “Chatter Glacier” for the afternoon to enjoy some sun, jackets off, type riding.
What a day!!
If you’ve never had the chance, this year could be the year!!
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Reid Day says:

blue skys that is, just uploaded a few pics

Reid Day says:

Just got back from 3 days out there, great weather and sledding. The parking lot was a bit of a rodeo, bring your rubber boots! Blue skis make for great backgrounds

Aaron Bernasconi says:

I’m on my way out there for 4 days starting tomorrow. I’ll get you that proof!! Both photo and video. I’m bringing the real deal home this time! 100% boys trip. Bringing helmet cam, Point and shoot HD, and stills. YEEHAAAAAA!!!

Kylehimself says:

We need pics or video as proof of how awesome it is. lol.