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Mountain Sledder | October 17, 2018

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| On 27, Mar 2016

Photos Andrew Munster




I’ve found a feature; it’s big.

The landing has been examined from the top, bottom and side. It’s short but there is a sweet spot. The take-off is blind, downhill and off-camber. The wind has made the approach thin and slippery. Peaking over the edge I fling a snowball. It lands far below. There are rocks. It’s a fair reach out to clear them. The light is decent but quickly going to change for the worse. All factors are contemplated and the time is now, it’s “doable”.


Mid flight

I’m afraid but I own it. My deep, over-thinking mind spins fast and every possible outcome from worst to best is graphically envisioned. I turn away from the edge and hike up to my sled. My fear wants to take over, I can feel it. I have a sip of juice. I put on my helmet and fasten the chin strap, tightly. The moment is intense but I let my aggression rise and soon fear vanishes. I’m focused. The engine is fired, tether cord placed, I shake out my arms and my fist strikes my chest. Brake lock released, throttle pulled and there are no thoughts, no feelings. Time stands still, the mind is finally at peace. Seconds later and Bam! The landing is stomped and I ride away clean. Adrenaline, excitement, happiness explodes from within, loud screams of success are heard from miles away.
This is the best I’ve ever felt.


Cody McNolty making the impossible real


– Cody